ITM INTERNATIONAL SEMINARS 2021A series of lectures given by academic and industrial top-players of the membrane community

“ITM INTERNATIONAL MEMBRANE WEBINARS 2021” is a series of lectures on the Membrane Science and Technology world given by both academic and industrial top-players.

The idea of this series of seminars is based on the internal monthly seminars, usually given by guests at CNR-ITM, in past years. We really enjoyed them and we missed them in the last year due to the Covid-related restrictions. Thus, we proposed this web-based format and we are opening our virtual doors to anyone is interested, waiting the moment to open also the doors of our Institute.

ITM ProgramThe webinars are monthly based, free of charge and scheduled in the last week of the month. We aim to cover the broad interest of membrane community, and the current topics are:

Polymeric membrane preparation

Membrane reactors

Membranes in food and beverage application

Gas separation membrane

Water channels in membrane

Biomedical in membrane science

Industrial membrane and module fabrication

Membrane contactors applications

However, we are also aware that many topics are not coved yet, and we are planning to extend the series also in the next years.

CNR-ITM Director

Dr. Alberto Figoli


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